Buena Mano

This is the post excerpt.


I think I just need an outlet. Something to make me think after a long tiring day.

You see, I am relatively in a very boring lifestyle these days. I am living away from home (expat) with nothing much to do. 

I wake up everyday and go to work, then come home at night then go to sleep. Boring.

So I figure, maybe I should just start writing about this nonsense, and who knows, I might find a purpose in this.
Let’s see…

Author: wander girl

I like almost everything I find unusual, cool, weird, bizarre, cute, interesting, surreal, beautiful. I am happy that I’m alive and all my senses are working, although some of these senses are often left neglected or abused. I rejoice upon seeing good old friends on the sidewalks, getting phone calls or sms from friends whom I haven’t heard for the longest time. I am delighted with the scent of a deliciously cooked meal, regardless if it means it’ll add mass to my weight again. I am ecstatic by the thought of being able to go on a vacation after a very strenuous week/month or whatsoever. I like burning myself under the summer sun by the shore, cuddling my pillows on a rainy day. I believe in KARMA. I find joy in hearing drumbeats. I bore myself by sitting in my room, staring at the ceiling, listening to the clatter of other people outside my room. I hate waking up so early when I don’t have to.

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