Buena Mano

This is the post excerpt.


I think I just need an outlet. Something to make me think after a long tiring day.

You see, I am relatively in a very boring lifestyle these days. I am living away from home (expat) with nothing much to do. 

I wake up everyday and go to work, then come home at night then go to sleep. Boring.

So I figure, maybe I should just start writing about this nonsense, and who knows, I might find a purpose in this.
Let’s see…


As we age, we will (I think) come to point when we would seek to have a romantic partner – someone you can share a part of your life with that you feel no one else would understand. Of course, we all have friends and family, but it’s not all the time that they are with us.

I am currently working away from home and family, and away from my usual crowd. I have been offshore for the past 3 years, and have been single even before that. So bare with my drama when I say my days are empty and nights are cold.

Life offshore has been primarily focused to just work. And though I enjoy my job, I also feel like I am slave-driving just to forget that I am actually empty. Yes, I do feel empty. 

I don’t know why I have not actually gone out on proper dates and why it has to take too long for me to be from one relationship to another. I’m not holding on, there’s just really no one who’s coming up.

So I pushed myself to try some online dating app and I just feel even more stupid. How can all the guys be just after sex? I mean, right at first chat, it’s about sex right away. I don’t get it. Urghhh!